On Wednesday the 14th of February, the world lost a very special, talented guy.

Twitter for the past 3 years has been a constant source of enjoyment in my life. Some people shun it, and say ‘ they just don’t get it’ but Twitter for me, has allowed me to met some incredible creative, inspiring people, some of which have really changed my  own outlook on life.

Last year I started speaking to this guy who was working as a young writer for a fashion house in London. He would post these amazing tweets, that would make me green with envy. He would attend the most lavish of events in the fashion world, drink with the most beautiful people, and living the ultimate London experience, from my side of things, he was fulfilling the absolute  London high life.

Aside from his lavish working life, he would tweet incredible, beautiful blogs on the hidden treasures of London, opening up my eyes to look that little deeper off those cobbles streets of Savile Row, and Soho, and to look at London in a different way. He was also possibly one of the best photographers I have ever clapsed eyes on. His photos were magical and captured things in such a way you just wanted to look at them again and again to fully digest what you were seeing.

I used to see him around where I live mainly sweeping through the tunnel at Finsbury Park always looking sharp as a knife with his ultimate style, but I was always too shy to speak to him? I don’t know why because I know he would of been so easy to chat to. When I got off the bus yesterday from Crouch End to Finsbury Park I thought of the last time I saw him outside the main entrance near the ticket machines, I smiled at him and really wanted to speak to him, but once again didn’t?, thats the weird thing about Twitter, you recognize people who you speak to on a daily basis but very rarely do you get the chance to chat to them in person. I should of just said ‘Hey’.

His adventurous nature to explore and write about not just London but the world, made me look at life in a completely new way. From what I gathered from his twitter account, he was a true old romantic at heart, once tweeting that he gave a crying girl on the platform of Green Park his Handkerchief, he reminded me of a 1930’s London Gentleman.

Its funny because last year I tweeted to him that romance was dead and that no one ever sends romantic hand written letters in the post anymore, and that the excitment of recieving a letter with that personal touch has since evaporated from society. Four days later, what lands on my front porch, a hand written, stunning letter from him. He was pretending he was writing to a love interest. As soon as I opened it I smiled and ‘swooned’ at what he had written. It wasn’t romantic in that way for me at all, it wasn’t supposed to be, it was a silly little gesture from him, but the words could almost of been from a war hero writing to his one love in the city. He wrote it on traditional writing card folding it in half, marking every word in a black scratchy ink  cartridge pen. I will treasure that letter because the words in it are truly stunning.

On his last tweet to his twitter family, he said that he was sorry for not asking for help. Looking back, maybe that was his final note to the world, his last cry for help or advice. Out of all of my friends on twitter, I never would of thought he would be the one to take his own life, he had so much to give and now with a snap of a finger he is no longer on this planet, how is that right? No 24 year old should feel so sad that they think ending their own life is the right thing to do, the thing that I find hardest is, there is no way for us to get him back, thats it, that’s the most evil thing about life, you can’t turn back time.

That’s the underlying point, life is so precious, we only have one shot at it, and its these incredible people we live amongst like JC Andrews that make you really think about things and the way you live your own life, it makes you absolutely want to make that one shot worth it.

It doesn’t matter where you meet somebody, and how you become friends with them, some people just have an affect on you, and make you look at life through a different lens. JC Andrews was one of those people, he has made a stamp on my life. He has made me fall in love with reading, writing, expressing myself and exploring hidden places in London all over again, and for that I really thank him.

I know a lot of twitter people who followed and spoke with JC Andrews and who like myself never actually met him in person, really felt like we knew him through his writing, photography and the incredible natural Aura he gave off.

His last tweet was a section from Winnie the Pooh, and I believe we could all live our life by.

“there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you”

Rest in Peace, although I won’t see your tweets, or see a glimpse of you running for the tube, your words, photos and energy will always live on.

Nat x